South Jersey Road Racing Series




Participants in the South Jersey Road Racing Series must complete the respective entry forms for each race in which they wish to compete.  Race entries that prove unreadable or contain missing information (e.g. age or gender) shall be considered void for purposes of scoring. 


Individuals shall be scored for Age-Graded competition up to a maximum of 8 performances from these 10 events.  Athletes that compete in all 10 events can eliminate their two lowest scoring events without penalty.  Athletes must compete in a minimum of seven (7) events to be eligible for series ending prizes. 


Each of the 10 races in the South Jersey Road Racing Series retains the right to manage its entries, to determine whether to offer prize money, and to operate its own award ceremony.  The South Jersey Road Racing Series will operate “after the fact” by using the official race results to determine overall standings.  It is intended that current standings shall be on display at each series event.


The Masters Age-Graded Tables developed by World Masters Athletics will be used to score results in each race.  Each finisher’s time will be divided into the standard for his/her age and gender; this calculation produces a performance percentage used in the Series scoring.


The sum of Age-Graded percentages for each individual from his/her 8 best events will be used to determine the overall South Jersey Road Racing Series Male and Female Champions.    




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